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Postage Rates
* Full instructions for ordering and paying go out with all of our catalogues.*
We have just started with the new inland postal rates, which now are decided by weight, size and thickness. We discovered that two books weighing the same, with equal height and width, vary enormously now in postage costs. The postage on one was 55p, the postage on the slightly thicker book was £1.10. On the other hand the second class post applies to higher weights.

In practice this means that you may get one large packet or several cheaper ones, depending on which is cheapest.

Richard is taking this as a personal challenge, so as we make no profit on postage you will be getting your goods as cheaply as possible. This is just a very rough guide, as books and magazines vary so much in weight now.

UK: postage begins at 65p for a small book or magazine, one thicker paperback will cost £1.25, two is £1.55, three is £1.95, four is £2.35, one smaller hardback is £2.35 and so on, up to £10.00, which is our maximum postage. We can also send a parcel to your place of work by ANC, which will cost £11.50, but is signed for all along the line. Why not combine with a friend, and split the cost of postage? If you need the goods urgently, by first class post, please say. If you find it hard to come to the door, or have no one at home, we will always split up your parcel to several small packets that will fit through your letterbox at your request, providing you have a big enough letter box.

Foreign postage is charged at cost. If you request them by sea, please remember that they can no longer be insured and some countries are dropping sea mail altogether.

If you are wondering about the complexities of the new postage costs, this is due to the Post Office removing smaller steps in weight and the graduations now go up by 250 grams.

We try to get goods out within a week, but this is impossible with a new catalogue. If you have not received anything after six weeks (UK), two months (Europe) or three months (rest of the world) please let us know. If your parcel arrives damaged, please save the wrappings for the Post Office to see. Parcels of more than £50 value will be insured automatically. If we have sold out of the goods requested and cannot get more we will notify you as soon as possible and send you a refund if requested.