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Payment methods: We accept most credit and debit cards. The information we need to process them is the type of card (e.g. Visa), the long number on the front of the card, start and expiry dates and issue number, where used, and the security number which is the three numbers at the end of the signature bar. We do not need your PIN number. Once you have given us you credit card number we keep it securely, unless you ask us not to. We do not give credit, but we do accept cash, preferably sent by registered post, cheques, postal or International Money Orders, UK postage stamps and Book Tokens. We will accept foreign currency, but we only credit you with what the bank give us, which is not always very generous. When ordering please write your name and address clearly, state exactly what goods you want, giving catalogue numbers where possible, and any alternatives. We have everything in the catalogue at the time of posting, but some items do sell out quickly. If you wish a refund please tell us, as otherwise we will credit your account. Small refunds will be given in postage stamps to UK customers. We try to get goods out within a week, but this is impossible with a new catalogue. If you have not received anything after six weeks (UK), two months (Europe) or three months (rest of the world) please let us know. If your parcel arrives damaged, please save the wrappings for the Post Office to see. Parcels of more than £20 value will be insured automatically. If we have sold out of the goods requested and cannot get more we will notify you as soon as possible and send you a refund if requested.