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Newly In


This is the prequel to the Shannara series, set fifty years from now. Our world is unrecognisable, as pollution has poisoned the skies, the water and the soil. Pockets of society still exist, living in highly fortified strongholds, but armies of demons and once-men are overcoming them one by one. Long Tom and Angel Perez are the last two Knights to stand against the forces of Chaos, and they must find and protect a very old and a very new magic. Excellent start to this trilogy. Orbit paperback edition.

KERR, Katharine – THE GOLD FALCON @ £6.40

The first of The Silver Wyrm Trilogy, and the sequel to “The Fire Dragon”. Katharine has been ill for some years, but at last we are happy to say that she is well enough to write again. For those who have never tried her, this is the twelfth book in a series stretching over five hundred years, in which many of the characters die and re-incarnate as another person. Originally the son of a King made a mistake, causing the deaths of his love and others. Nevyn prays to the Gods that he can put this mistake right before he dies, and the original book, “Daggerspell”, opens with Nevyn, still alive after four hundred years, and the rest of the characters dying and being reborn around him. This book opens with Nevyn finally dead and reborn at the same time as his old love. The third in the group is no longer human, but has been changed magically into a dragon. This is probably the best fantasy saga of the last decade, and worth reading from the beginning, with a marvellous mixture of magic and politics. Daw paperback edition. 528 pages.

KERR, Katharine – THE SPIRIT STONE @ £20.00

This is the sequel to “The Gold Falcon”, with elves and humans, Horsekin and dwarven Mountain Folk, dragons and shapeshifters. DAW hardcover edition.

Ed.BRADLEY, Wendy – FARTHING issues 1,2,3, 4 @ £2.50 each. Issue 5 £3.00

This is a series of A5 sized magazines featuring SF, Fantasy and Horror. Issue 1 has contributions by Karen M Roberts, Peter Andrew Smith, Melissa Mead, Andrew J Wilson, Sheila Crosby, Chedrith Baldry, A H Jennings, Kevin Anderson and Paul Renault. Issue 2 has contributions by Ruth Nestvold, Joe Murphy, Steve Vance, Paul E Martens, Laura J. Underwood, Michael Cregan, Jackie Kestler,Barbara Davies, Bob Rowntree and Stephenie Campisi. Issue 3 features Harper Scott, Clifford Royal Johns, Bruce Golden, Greg Beatty, Amanda M Hayes, K Tempest Bradford and Lisa Batya Field. Issue 4 has Merrie Haskell, Matthew S Rotundo, Robert Devereaux, Tim Baer, Marsheila Rockwell, Phoebe Wray, Lucy A Snyder and William I Kengerman III. Issue 5 has contributions from Christopher East, Steve Vance, Anna Feruglio Dai Dan, A H Jennings, Charlie Allery, Craig Wolf, David Taub and Helen Keeble. All of them are interesting, and none of them boring.


Another story starring Sir Baldwin de Furnshill, the Keeper of the King’s Peace and his friend Bailiff Simon Puttock, set in Exeter in 1324. When the bodies of a local tradesman and a King’s Messenger are found in the streets the Bishop of Exeter implores Sir Baldwin to find out who was responsible. The dead messenger was carrying a dangerous secret, and now the murderer must be found before he strikes again, but the murderer can use magic, so who can discover him? Headline paperback edition. 520 pages.

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