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How To Order
* Full instructions for ordering and paying go out with all of our catalogues.*
Ordering Books

Write, telephone, fax or e-mail us with your queries and we will confirm what we have on our shelves, what we can get for you within a fortnight or what may take longer to obtain, together with the price and a guess at the postage.

When we first send a catalogue out we are swamped with orders for the first ten days, so we may run out of some items, and/or take a few days to get everything out, even with extra staff.

If you are uncertain what you would like or would like to know if we have a specific book, please go to our CUSTOMER INFORMATION PAGE and fill out the form provided. You can also order books from our ONLINE CATALOGUES this way, though our PRINTABLE ORDER FORM was really built for this purpose. Whichever method you use, please include your contact details so we can get in touch. Trust us when we say that it saves on problems later. Also, it helps to include the catalogue number of each book which is found next to the author and title on the online catalogues, as well as the catalogues we send out by post and email. We can find the books you order with the title and author alone but it is much easier using the catalogue number and will save you and us time.

Accepted Payment Methods

As of recently we now accept the increasingly popular Paypal. The address we use for this is – those who are familiar with Paypal can send money using this, however if you’re unsure about the process please just get in touch and we can walk you through it.

We do not give credit.

We accept cheques, most credit cards, including Mastercard, Visa, Switch, Maestro and some debit cards, although not all may be used for mail order. The details we need for credit card transactions include what type of card, the number of the card, your name as on the card, the start and expiry dates, and issue number, if any. We now need the security number, which is the last 3 digits on the back of the card by the signature bar. We are glad to notice that the banks are getting more suspicious generally and need more details than before. We do not need your PIN number.

We do ask you not to give your credit card details over the e-mail. Write or telephone us for your own safety. We have too many anti-hackers among our customers not to be aware of the risks, even for the so-called secure sites. As of now we have a new secure answer phone, so use it if you wish. If you want to send your card details divide it into several messages. If you are merely giving us a new expiry date and security number then your name, number and date will suffice. Please make sure your card number hasn’t altered.

We also accept postal orders, cheques, international money orders, UK postage stamps, Book Tokens and cash at your own risk (notes only please).

We will accept foreign currency, including Euros, but the bank charges are high here, and you may be better off buying British currency from a Bureau de Change, as we only credit you with the amount we receive.

Reserving Books

If you wish to ask us to save goods for you while you send the money we will hold them for a month for you. We will also send goods to someone else anywhere in the world and let you pay for them. If you wish them gift wrapped and/or sent with a card we will make a small charge for the stationery.

Final Note: If you do not wish us to retain your credit card details, or indeed any of your personal details, please tell us when you order. Otherwise we will automatically put the details on our system, which is not connected to anything else and so cannot be hacked into. Only the two of us know the password, so it is doubly secure.

At The Sign of the Dragon,
St. Ninians, New Road, WIGTOWN, Scotland DG8 9JL

Tel: 01988 403 446