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 Welcome To The Bookshop Whose Motto Is:

We sell the best books ever written on our site with over 31 years of selling books and we are proud to bring you the bestselling books on the market today so take a good look around and I'm sure you will find something you like.

Please Ask For What You Want.

We are proud to be part of Wigtown, Scotland's Book Town.

Get the little into reading with this great product.


Home improvement fans set your bookmarks here! For the best books ever.

We have been selling best books ever at the Sign of the Dragon for 31 years.

Our site specializes in Fantasy and Science-Fiction (including magazines and videos), Detective and Mystery home improvements and Children's books, but will be happy to accept an order for anything you want. We can obtain most English books and many American books on any subject, as well as magazines, videos, etc, and can send them carefully packed almost anywhere in the world.


best books ever

Up till now we have had a shop just off the main road in London, as well as a worldwide mail order business, but pollution has driven us up to the Solway Firth, in Scotland, where we shall carry on the same way, but different.

Our main selection of books is housed just down the road in a large warehouse with other sellers, and our mail order business will be carried on from the convenient annex to our house. We still pride ourselves on our service, we still order the best books ever for anyone anywhere.

We also carry a wide range of back issues of magazines and many second-hand books of SF and fantasy and crime. They are also mildly crazy, but none of our customers seem to mind.

After all, you have to be crazy to sell books in a world where fewer people learn to read every year.

How to find us

AT THE SIGN OF THE DRAGON is located at St.Ninians, New Road, WIGTOWN, Scotland DG8 9JL. Just turn left at the border and take the road (A75) along the Solway Firth to Newton Stewart, turn into the road to Wigtown, and we are the first house on the left-hand side as you enter the town, just past the notice welcoming you to Wigtown. We look like one shoe box placed across another, white painted, and apparently, the house shocked the people here when it was built in the late 50s. We deal with people here by appointment, but there is nearly always someone around, either at the house, the annex, to the left of the house, or at the warehouse.

Our bookstore.

Aa1 BOOKS, the shared warehouse, is just down the road. Bear right at the first turning in Wigtown from Newton Stewart, turn right again past the Renault Garage, and we are just behind the back of the garage, with ample parking at the rear. The warehouse is open 10 am to 5 pm on weekdays and 10 am to 2 pm on Sundays, until the 29th September, and from then it is open 10 am to 4 pm Tuesday and Thursdays, 6 pm to 8 pm Wednesday evenings or by appointment, until Easter.

They have begun to list all our stock on our website. We do have some items on both AMAZON, but eventually, we intend to have both back stock and newly in items on the website.

I also intend to send out annotated catalogs regularly by either email or post, as in the old days, so please let us know if you want them.

Our first catalogs are appearing now, so take a look at the ONLINE CATALOGUES page.

Also, they will be divided into the best books ever on crime, magazines, media, SF and home improvements books(which will be divided into authors with more than half a dozen of the best books ever in stock in stock and authors under the initial letter of their surname).

Any help is welcome

This will obviously take some time to do, as we have thousands of books, both new and second hand, so if you are looking for a specific author please ask us directly. Please tell us what you think of these and we welcome any suggestions for further stock lists.